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Combo Lunch

Lunch Combo Package

Yah well, it is actually what i made for breakfast today. But um.. if you see the menu one by one, it is more appropriate for lunch dishes. But.. whatever haha.. 😀

The menu was:

  • Fried Calamari –> which happen to be too salty because my dad want me to put more salt while i think it was enough. Don’t blame me, he’s the one who put more salt to the batter 😦
  • Fried tofu Chili Salt –> which happen to be too salty either hahaha… OK this one is my fault, so sorry 😀
  • Home made french fries.
  • Home made vegetable salad –> with gravy.
  • Tar tar sauce –> for the calamary.

Just click to the menu to see the complete recipee 🙂